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Past presidents: Welcome


1936-46 The late W Watmough

1947 The late G H McCreery

1948 The late H Parkinson

1949 The late  U Atkinson

1950 The late J P Talbot

1951 The late A W Plant

1952 The late A V Garnett

1953 A E Parker

1954 The late N R Purdy

1955 The late P Keep

1956 The Late H Dearing

1957 J F Holliday

1958 The late N Firth

1959 A Gregg

1960 The late A M Dexter

1961 The late R Frayne

1962 The late J B Humble

1963 The late F Stony

1964 The late H M Smith

1965 E Newby

1966 The late Mrs M Frayne

1967 The late K N R Vine

1968 The late J Middleton

1969 The late K E Sealey

1970 The late A A Pick

1971 The late J P Talbot

1972 J Dennis

1973 The late J R Brown

1974 The late R W Brown

1975 The late E Geary

1976 R Dennis

1977 The late D B Moran

1978 The late J Sinclair

1979 The late D Duffy

1980 The late A B Lockwood

1981 The late A V Smith

1982 The late P Sanderson

1983 The late B Speck

1984 The late A M Dexter

1985 R M Simpson

1986 The late E Geary

1987 The late J S Brett

1988 R S Chapman

1989 The late D A Wells

1990 F W Thomas

1991 The late R W Brown

1992 I Instone

1993 M Allatt

1994 The late K Wilcock

1995 The late B P Lund

1996 The late D B Moran

1997 E Shepherdson

1998 The late P Sanderson

1999 R M Simpson

2000 The late D T Dobson

2001 G Moore

2002 J S Cooke

2003 P Smith

2004 Mrs C Cooke

2005 P Reaney

2006 The late G E Hambling

2007 The late F C Kennedy

2008 M Arrowsmith

2009 Mrs A Moore

2010 B Newton

2011 The late D T Dobson

2012 P Smith

2013 R M Simpson

2014 Mrs S Smith

2015 R Tickle

2016 Mrs Christine Cooke

2017 G Moore

2018 J S Cooke

Past presidents: About



W Watmough 1936-46.
W Watmough 1936-46.

The society's first president

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G H McReery 1947-48
G H McReery 1947-48
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H Parkinson 1949
H Parkinson 1949
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John Powell Talbot 1971-72
John Powell Talbot 1971-72
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Past presidents: Gallery
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