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AGM 23RD FEB 2019



Lock Lane Day Centre - Saturday 2rd February 2019


1.         President Mr John Cooke will open the meeting        

2.         Apologies


3.         Minutes of the 2018 Annual General Meeting

4.         Matters Arising

5.         Chairman’s Remarks     (P Smith)

6.         Transfer of President’s Chain of Office

            (John Cooke to I Heptinstall)

7.         Reports

            7.1       Membership     (Chris Cooke)

            7.2       Auditor’s Accounts for the year ending 31st December 2018

7.3       Club Show Secretary     (John Cooke)

            7.4       Patronage Secretary     (Chris Cooke)

            7.5       Editor – Budgie Bits     (Sue Smith)

            7.6       Publicity Officer     (Sue Smith)

            7.7       Social Secretary     (Pete Smith)

            7.8       BS Delegate Report     (Ronnie Simpson)

7.9 Website report (D Critchlow)

8.         Rule Changes

9.         Confirmation of Officials for 2018/2019

            President:                              I Heptinstall

            Vice President:                     K Brockwell

            Junior Vice President:       Proposed D Critchlow

            Chairman:                             P Smith

            Vice Chairman:                    R M Simpson

            Secretary/Treasurer:            Mrs C Cooke

            Assistant Secretary:             J S Cooke

Mrs S Smith will take the minutes if both the Secretary and Assistant Secretary are absent

10.       Golden Bird

    J Bker       

           Proposed D Critchlow seconded 

11.       Appointment of Auditors


12.      Any Other Business

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